Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lunchtime with the Strings

As I may have mentioned many times earlier, Rosie isn't the best eater when it comes to trying out a variety of foods. Getting her to sample many things most kids adore, like chicken or pizza, is a chore. Dash, a more adventurous diner (and silly-head), may have been trying to help us out during lunch today:

me: Rosie, some apple would taste really great with your almonds! (she only had almonds and rice on her plate.)

Rosie: Nooooooo. I don't want any apple.

AJS: The apple loves the almond! They are friends.

Dash: Can my almond have an apple friend?

me: Of course, sweetheart!

Dash: (introducing the foods to each other) Hi apple! My name ...... nut! Good to meet you. I like be your friend! (plays with his food for a few seconds, then gets serious, putting apple in his mouth) Goodbye friend! See you in my belly. (muffled munching)

Rosie laughs and starts to eat her apple.

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