Wednesday, March 19, 2008

planning ahead

I was reading Radical Mama's post about her plantings plan for the coming year and it got me thinking about our garden and what we might do with it this year.

Last year, we had some herbs (basil, thyme, oregano, and sage), a decent quantity of tomatoes, some cucumbers, sad little bell peppers, and a small amount of raspberries.

I've been meaning to take over a rocky section and build a raised planter near our grills for some extra vegetables; I like the idea of growing us some tubers! Thanks, RM!

On a related topic, I made an unusual purchase recently: when I heard that the price of wheat was skyrocketing, I ordered an item that up till now, I had only poo-poohed Mormons for keeping. "Hard red winter wheat" has high protein levels, is excellent for bread flour (when milled; I bought us a hand mill, too), but can keep for many years if packed in an airtight container with an oxygen absorber.

Next, we need to see how it tastes in the bread AJS makes on weekends. I'll mill it if you bake it, okay?


  1. Need more yarbs in that garden: mint, parsley, oregano. Maybe some basil for pesto?

  2. Mmmm... pesto freezes really well. We grow tons of basil to freeze for last minute winter dinners.

    Let me know how the bread turns out! I have decided to start baking our bread, but I honestly had not considered grinding the wheat myself.

  3. RM, when we first considered long-term preparedness, I sought out info on Mormon websites and the wheat thing stymied me! Grind your own? Who DOES that?!? But with some research, I learned what a stable staple it is and reconsidered.

    One thing I didn't say was that I bought a *45 lb. bag* of hard wheat. I sure hope we like it! And that it does keep for 15-17 years.

  4. Hey! I just planted my spring garden.. I actually had a winter garden as well. So much fun!! This is what we have in store in a couple of months.

    Arugla, radishes, beets, egg plant, millions of hatch chilies, jalapeƱos, tomatoes, carrots, purple haze carrots, bok choy, lemon cucumbers, honey dew melon, 2 types of squash, green onions, cabbage. My herbs still are doing well. mint, cilantro, basil, lavender, and thyme.

    sister andrea


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