Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monkeyrotica has other plans for our garden...

DCist Gun Law Aftermath Rant
Originally uploaded by nylonthread
The post "D.C. Gun Law Faces Supreme Test Today" inspired my husband's distopian predictive rant, which included future plans for "subterranean sex bunkers, fueled by tons of liquid PCP, bathtub absinthe, and Ledo's pizza, ... the vegetable garden, the squirrel smokehouse, and the animal hide tanning beds." All in our suburban backyard.

Umm, cool, where's the shovel?


  1. At first glance i thought the last line was "where's the novel?" which begs the question. Monkeyrotica could write a great one.

  2. What I love is how you two are such a yin/yang couple.


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