Monday, March 17, 2008

We are orientated

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I know you've all been wondering, did Nylonthread remember to go to Rosie's orientation? What if she forgot?

And, whew, why yes, I did go! Grandma Sheila, Rosie and I all took a trip down to Rosie's new Kindergarten last Thursday morning and had to park in the neighborhood beyond because there were sooooo many other families there with prospective Kindergartners. The wee school's lot was full and the cars had to spill out for at least a one-block radius. The teachers that were briefing us remarked that if we represented the next Kindergarten class, that they might be needing to add a teacher or two to the program!

I recognized four other parents there and hope that Rosie might be in a class with one of our neighbor's children. There are at least three Kindergarten classrooms in this school: straight-K, K-1, and K-1-2 (multi-age). I get to choose which type of classroom she is most suited for; the multi-age classes are better for independent, self-contained kids and the Kinder-only are better for kids who are new to structured classrooms or who need more hand-holding time at the outset. They claim that the curriculum is the same for all and they will not be ahead or behind the others by even mid-year.

We were introduced to all the teachers, the principal, the nurse, instructed to register our children ASAP, be sure to pack changes of clothes, and prepare to buy loads of school supplies. I could have done without the 15-minute video that showed how ACTIVE the classrooms are (read: your kids will not be sitting at desks all day! we mean it, really!!)

While Grandma Sheila, Sarah's mom, Katie's mom, Savannah's mom, Kathryn's mom, and I all listened in to the lecture, Rosie and her friends were being entertained in classrooms. When I picked her up about an hour and a half later, she had done a craft project with frogs.

"Did you make any friends?" I asked.
"No," said Rosie.
"What were your teachers' names?"
"I don't know."
"What were your classmates' names?"
"I don't know."

It may be that Rosie wasn't paying attention to her surroundings, but I got the impression that they just herded the throng of kids together and gave them craft materials, no introductions made, despite the hastily made nametags for all. A little sad, as this was a great opportunity to make some friends. I think she was a little overwhelmed by it all (or maybe I'm just projecting).

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