Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy birthday Grandma Sheila!

Wasn't it a beautiful weekend? We spent most of it outside, barbecuing, gardening, enjoying our friends' company, and going out with Grandma Sheila, Grandaddy Jim, & Auntie M for Sheila's birthday. The picture is me with the kids right next to the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria. We just had lunch at Bilbo BagginsRestaurant and then went for a walk in the lovely weather. The kids got balloons from a sidewalk vendor, the parrots were out, and a few buskers gave us a soundtrack. Dash had a great time looking at all the boats on the waterfront; Rosie loved her pink and purple balloon.

If only all weekends were three days! This was only the icing on the cake--I got so much done.


  1. did you have some good pipe weed there at Bilbo Baggins's?

  2. Funny you mention that, TFO. Dash started telling his Gomma & Grandaddy all about "Mr. Bilbo an' his friend Gandalf smoke pipeweed in the Shire!!"

    We had to explain to my folks what Dash was referring to. Can one get a degree in Tolkeinology? My kids are on their way.

  3. [sample lunch conversation]

    DASH: [sniffing]

    ME: "Dash? What is it? What do you smell?"

    DASH: "Manflesh!"

  4. What is Dash holding there? Hulk hand gripping a rather large errr cucumber?

  5. Dee, you sillyhead! That's a balloon sword! Rosie has a balloon flower. Yeah, I know, the angle suggests other visuals.

  6. Balloon sword. Sure. Whatever you say.

    I want my own balloon sword. ;-)


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