Sunday, May 18, 2008

Making keepsakes with baby clothes

Some of Rosie's cutest dresses or Dash's sweetest shirts from various ages are still in a closet because I just can't bear to part with them. What to do? The idea that's stuck with me for years was that I'd make throw pillows out of the dresses/shirts, and now I finally got around to putting one together!

Here's a pillow I made of a 3T dress that Rosie and KellyO's Thea both wore. I took it apart by the seams, cut it to fit a 12" by 12" pillow form (from Joann Fabrics), added beaded fringe (from Michael's), then sewed in the front and back yokes from the dress for added details. The yoke with button holes used to hold the straps that went over her shoulders; now they hold the pillow in.

Didn't she look adorable when she still fit in it? And now she loves that she has a special pillow of her pretty dress. Kelly, if you have a pic of Thea in it, I would LOVE to post it, too.

Let me know how you've repurposed treasured baby things!


  1. that is my favorite photo of Rosie

  2. WOW. I'm impressed, woman!

    I'll definitely check and see if we have any pictures of Thea in that dress.

  3. so cute!!!! i wish i could sew.

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