Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jerky guy taking up two seats on Metro

Ok, first time sending two pics at once from the phone, so here goes.

I'm riding a very crowded train, and this guy is taking up two seats while playing a video game with headphones on. He has a bunch of mail filling the seat next to him and acts like I'm not there when I ask to sit down.

F-ing Jerk.


  1. Argh. Can you pick up the mail and set it on his lap? And, then ignore him. Or is that asking for too much trouble?

    I know nothing about metro transportation etiquette. We ride our mule into town around here.

  2. Is there a metro equivalent to You Park Like an Asshole?


  3. Now you know why Henry Ford invented the automobile. This is also why he became
    a Nazi.

  4. LOVE that you posted his picture, though.

  5. I suppose I could have been more aggressive about it. But I had another altercation recently—that I didn't post about—a woman who was blocking the seat next to her with a suitcase and I asked her to "open up the seat." Sleepily (this was 7 a.m., I was thinking that it was the only "open" seat and she was blocking it. She said "NO WAY!!" very angrily, and I said, "fine, be a jerk!" out loud and stalked off.

    It wasn't until later that it dawned on me that she thought I'd asked her to open her suitcase. Heh.


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