Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tetris on my mind

tetris en la carretera
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I'm really not much of a video game person these days. The shooting, flying, maze-following games never did much for me, but there were a handful of puzzle-style ones that, back in the day when I had free time to play video games (OMG, I can't even remember when that was!), I couldn't tear myself away. These were Tetris, 3-D Tetris (that had another name), Jewel Box (some kind of Tetris rip-off), and Mah Jongg solitaire.

Monkeyrotica (a.k.a. AJS; I might as well just start calling him by his chosen online moniker), hummer of Tetris tunes while I load the dishwasher, found this delightfully silly Tetris theme video for me. Thanks, man-o-mine! That really lightened up my morning. And those goofballs are talented!!

As for the rest of my blogging pals, what were/are your favorite video games? Do you still play?


  1. I love Mahjong but haven't played in a while ( luxury free time is spent showering once or twice a week). There was a mahjong game on Gav's webkinz...I even woke him up in the middle of the night once for the password. I'd play that mess all day, racking up a bazillion points for his virtual pet world, while he was at school. Dorky mom, party of one!

    I went through a Word Whomp phase on Simple timed word game.

    Lately, I play Sudoku on the weekends (it's too easy during the weekdays) on Ellen Degeneres' site.

    I'm a simple game-playin' dork. If I had more time, I'd like to check out Gav's Wii. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. dig dug.

    also, does online texas holdem count?

  3. omg. just re-read dee's comment. i, too, now go on webkinz while waiting for the kids to sleep. i rack up $ for hellboy. u'm partial to cash cow. i'm mindless that way, see.

    i think i smell a support group in the making, dear.

  4. AW YEAH, BOY! Webkinz Moms rockin' the hizzouse. Come on, nylon. I bet sweet little Rosie would like to initiate you into the club.

    (of course, we have to keep this on the down-lo as gav is way too old to publicly admit to webkinz philanthroping..."i did not have gaming relations with that website" little politician in the making)

  5. Rosie just got a webkinz from her Grandma... I haven't entered the online site myself, tho. Hmmmm. I'll let you all know if I need to join your support group!

    I'm pretty good at crosswords & scrabble but sudoku stumps me.

  6. Okay, I logged in and am hooked on "tile tower" or something like that. Do we friend each other or something?

    Um, and Rosie was helping. Yes. Sticking to that story.


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