Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rosie's birthday recap, in photos

Many of Rosie's friends designed and illustrated their own cards!
And they look awesome, check it out.

Here's the cake I baked, almost destroyed, flipped around, and then covered up broken chasms with vast amounts of frosting. Turned out okay, if I do say so myself!

Everybody's favorite part of the party: getting all sugared up!! Mmmmmm.

Now that we're full of sugar, let's all go crazy on Rosie's bed!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!

All within screaming distance, but separate enough to relax, the parents hang out in the kitchen. Monkeyrotica, Kelly, and Todd are pictured here.

Brian and Nestor stay close to the smoked pork shoulder.

Lovely Liz enjoys some snacks.

Even Weegee came out to join the party; he was so happy when I brought him out! Weegee used to be our party game before we had kids. We passed him around and showed off his "tricks" which are kind of lame, but funny when you're drunk. He made a new friend in Nestor.

But, hey, where was Dash? And Thea and Liam? Well, we made the mistake of having movies going during the party and the hypnotic glow was too alluring to some of our little movie-watchers.

Everybody had a blast!! Thanks friends! It was a great party and I wish you all could have been there.


  1. That Monkey guy is the only one who doesn't look like he's having fun. Everything else looks partyrific

  2. 18-hour marathon cooking sessions will do that to you. And I'd been drinking for the last 6 hours.


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