Monday, November 04, 2013

Golden Hong Kong — weekend Dim Sum

The dim sum cart filled with hot dishes!

We tried out a new dim sum restaurant in Springfield, Virginia this past Sunday and enjoyed the experience. Instead of repeating what's already been written, I give you an excerpt from Monkey's review (enhanced by my photos):

"Unlike most dim sum places in Wheaton or Seven Corners, this place is clean and well-lit. Nice koi pond by the door, plenty of seating, and a restroom that didn't look like a disaster area. Arrived at 11:30 a.m. and carts were already rolling the standard dishes for the dozen or so seated customers: shui mai, pork buns, bbq pork, steamed pork, sesame rolls, crepes. etc. They have a dim sum menu, so if you don't see what you want, they'll bring it to you from about two dozen choices.
Golden HK's Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce

Also, unlike most dim sum places, everything we got was hot; other places, half of what you order off the carts ends up being cold. The service was snappy without being intrusive. Two adults and two kids left full and happy for $45. Checked the regular menu on the way out and they have LOTS of interesting Hong Kong items, including tripe dishes, frogs legs, casseroles, noodle soups, etc. And since they serve dim sum all week (carts only on weekends), this will definitely be on rotation."  
Golden HK, clean, well-lit and not crowded
Dash spots the koi in Golden HK's pond

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