Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Happy Birthday, Monkeyrotica!

Monk with his boy, Dash
Much love on his birthday to my main squeeze, Monkey! We just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary in September and are still going strong. Over the past year, Monkey has managed to keep his gout attacks mostly in check (our trip to Chicago notwithstanding), is learning to support an ADHD diagnosis in one of our kids, survived a government shutdown/an active shooter on base, finally broke down and bought a gas grill, and has been doggedly perfecting his pizza making skills. With Rosie and Dash, he's fostered the love of quoting movie lines, Greek mythology, practicing family "jam time" on various instruments, writing to "vomit on the page and edit later," and shows them every day that they are part of a loving family unit. We added two new pets to our home this year and despite some reluctance to embrace the bunnies as family additions at first, is now fully enjoying their fluffy antics. Weegee the parrot and Monk have also come to a positive understanding somehow; Weegee wants to hang out with him all the time and seeks him out to request head scratches! Better than screaming and bites.
I'm looking forward to our next year together, enjoying our family and friends, staying active, encouraging the kids academically, cooking awesome food, watching movies, and generally being a bunch of goofballs. Many hugs and kisses for weekend coffee in bed, keeping me up to date on current events that I wouldn't otherwise investigate, constant reminders that I am loved, and being my partner in crime. 

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