Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rosie's GS troop cooked meals for a shelter

On the menu, relatively trouble-free recipes for Girl Scouts to make from scratch with minimal adult supervision:

Chicken soup
Fruit salad
Green salad

Then "breakfast for dinner" for the girls: pancakes and sausage links. I'll have to admit that I was assisting the girls and socializing during the making of the donated food; all my photos are from the end when they were making their own dinner.

They all had so much fun!! I'm very proud of them for the way they all worked together and took charge of their assigned tasks. They did a great job.

Rosie helps with the fruit salad

The girls brown the pancakes while the troop leader adjusts the range's heat.

Mixing pancake batter!

Cracking eggs and mixing batter

Once they were finished, the troop leader took all the freshly cooked food to be consumed by needy people. Cheers to the Girl Scouts!

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