Saturday, September 29, 2007

Car inspection time

When we lived in DC, the sheer mass of people who lived there and the fact that most of the city's car inspection stations were inoperable basically meant that no matter what, once you got in line at a station, you were there for 3 to 4 hours. I recall arriving at a line early one morning, an hour before the station was even open, and driving blocks past dozens of cars waiting in line and finally parking at the end, car number 68 or something.

I recall a flaky moment when I thought a break in the DC line (crossing a driveway) was the end, so I tried to pull into it. Mass honking! Several angry drivers who'd already been there who knows how long let me know that they weren't about to let me cut ahead of them. Yow!

Here I am in Virginia now, and while I started in a line with only 4 cars ahead of me, it's Virginia. Things are slower here. After an hour, I'm second in line.

Hopefully, I'll be getting home soon; we've got all kinds of things planned for the rest of the day!

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