Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Waking up for ABCs!

For the last week or so, Dash has been waking up early (5 a.m. yesterday) and when I come in to check on him, he says to me in his little voice: "Go downstairs. Watch ABCs."

This DVD, by They Might Be Giants, is one of the few items that Rosie will actually listen to and act on. For example, if Dora says, GET UP AND REACH FOR THE ROPE! Rosie ignores Dora. If Steve asks Rosie to help look for a Blue's clue, nothing doing.

When the two Johns sing "Clap your hands!" and "Stomp your feet!" Rosie is not only clapping and stomping, she is singing along. Big score, for R to be anything but zombified in front of the tube.

Thanks and kudos, TMBG!


  1. That's because TMBG are teh awesomest. Kids know wassup.

  2. 5 a.m.?! Yow. It might be time for an intervention.

  3. No Kidding! Interventions for 26-month olds. Heh.

    This past weekend, he woke up sitting on his Tigger toy and said, "I cowboy!" when I came in. Silly!!


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