Friday, September 28, 2007

We're hiiiii-diiing!!

Rosie loves our local library. We normally find at least 10 books every time we go and she'll want to read all of them at bedtime that night (and no, I rarely give in). Dash loves the new kids-only room, where there are soundproofed walls and he can whoop and shriek to his delight. The books are nice too, but when it's time to read, he prefers the standards from his own shelf.

There's something about the library that makes Rosie want to play hide-and-seek. As soon as we step in the main room and she sees the tall stacks of books with aisle after aisle, she just darts off, out of sight and it's all I can do to not scream after her. We're in a library, after all! I have to rein it in and hiss, "Rosie! Get baaccck here, NOW!"

AJS found them hiding together in a study carrel or something. Don't they look guilty? Dash is a giggly Rosie-accomplice. They were hiding from Dash-mommy and Bath-daddy (which is Dash's name for AJS)!


  1. They're pretty easy to find. Just listen for the "'Mere, Juju! 'Mere! Hide...baff...daddee! HYUCK-HYUCK-HYUCK!"

  2. a soundproof room in a library?! oh, please tell me where that is. my 2-year-old absolutely loves books, but he also likes to "read" them quite loudly. :)


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