Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dash and Weegee are friends!

Dash was very happy to see Weegee when we came back from our trip! Weegee was being boarded by a neighbor while we were gone and had a happy visit; more one-on-one time with a work-at-home caregiver, more fun with lots of other birds. I'll bet coming home with us was a bit of a downer for him.

Hopefully, some on-the-head time with Dash made up for lack of socialization with our neighbor's flock. They're awfully cute together! We had friends over on Labor Day and Dash was very well-behaved interacting with Thea and Lila. He needs more fun!


  1. this picture made me laugh so hard, the kids wanted to know what was so funny! too cute! and welcome home, weegee ;-)

  2. SO CUTE! I need to get the photos out of my camera and post them. The ones of Weegee on Lila's head are pretty hilarious. She looks totally blissed out.

  3. In German, the euphemism for "he's crazy" is "Er hat einen Vogel" or "he has a bird."

    The monkey doesn't fall far from the tree.


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