Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jazz Hands!

On a lark, I decided to enroll in a dance class at Rosie's ballet studio (they offer family discounts!). One class that caught my eye was an Adult and Teen Intermediate Jazz Dance course on Tuesday nights. I figure, I took several years of it in junior high to high school, it should come right back! I've been maintaining some of my skills taking step aerobics and dancing at clubs, right?

More than I counted on came back—I am in a class of high-school-aged teens, just like when I last left off. Sure, I have more muscle tone and a bit more coordination than most of these teeny teens, but I also have at least 35 pounds on every last (junior-size-3) one of them. Thankfully, the instructor and I are close to being a matched set (down to our shoe size), so I'm not entirely the odd woman out.

Boo was my silver lining, suggesting, "Well, at least you have a group of potential baby sitters!" Thanks, darlin'!

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  1. *snerk*

    Please keep posting on this subject. It sounds like a situation fertile for The Snark.


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