Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The spider

Dash is such a friendly little boy. He's been introducing me to his toys, his teachers, his classmates: "Hi ewybuuy! This Dash-mommy!" He loves to announce random things, too, like this one-way conversation he had with our parrot the other day: "Look, Weegee! I hav Spnng-Bob bannaid on finngr!"

This morning, Rosie was horrified to see a spider crawling on the carpet in Dash's room. AJS had shoes on, so he was called over to stomp it. Stomping a bug on carpet isn't all that effective, so it was quivering a bit, all mangled. Dash leaned over to look.

Then, he said,

"Hi 'pider! I'm Dash!!"

At least the spider's last few moments were filled with affection directed its way.


  1. To my ears, Dash sounded just like Jack Nance from Blue Velvet ("I'm PAUL!"). Between that and Rosie doing her Dennis Hopper impersonation while getting the nebulizer ("Mommy! Mommy!"), baby does indeed love Blue Velvet.

  2. Thanks, dude! Yeah, he cracked us up! We were chuckling all the way to daycare. "Hi 'spider!" heh.


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