Monday, September 24, 2007

More "Ghostie" hijinks

Hi, it's Ghostie here again. You know how Rosie has those beautiful, long eyelashes? Well, I was kinda jealous of them and played a prank on her. I showed her where some scissors were and then told her about how my little sister used scissors to trim her eyelashes off. I even helped her find a mirror!

Ha, it was so funny. I told her that when my little sister did the same thing, I was telling my sister not to cut hers off, but she did it anyway. So, Rosie trimmed her eyelashes, too. What a trickster I am!

Rosie really got in trouble with her mommy. Rosie's mommy told her that if she found out that she did this again, cutting her hair, her brother's hair, her doll's hair—or anything else that wasn't paper—with scissors, that she was going to take all of Rosie's toys that were in the house and hide them away. Yeesh. I was only playing.


  1. I hope Ghostie is the product of her delightfully creative mind and not a real poltergeist. *shudder*

  2. I know!! I don't know what to think, really.

    I'd been looking all over for those scissors for months; it was odd that they just showed up in her room yesterday, because I hadn't noticed anything being scissored in the interim. Maybe Ghostie had been holding them in reserve?

  3. eek! thank goodness ghostie didn't take out an eye!


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