Thursday, September 20, 2007

More on parenting powers

I was blogging about the imaginary extra antennae and limbs that we grow as parents tending our dear, unpredictable offspring a few weeks ago and came across references to the phenomena on other blogs (natural references, nothing to do with me):

From Julia at the artful flower,

"No, it's not dangerous for my child. If it was, I'd do something. Yes, I know where my kids are at all times. It's the MommyRadar. It snapped on at birth and I can't seem to turn it off, ever. Trust me, I've tried. I know what my kids are doing, what they are capable of and when to intervene. Just because your kid might fall off the ropes doesn't mean mine will. My kids are part monkey. I can't seem to turn it off. Trust me, I've tried."

From Annie at What Do I Know?

"I have an uber-sensitive mommy radar. My mommy radar is noise sensitive. I can be in the deepest of slumbers and the faintest sound that even slightly resembles the voice of my child can bring me to full alertness in .5 seconds."

From Crazy MomCat:

"I am overly attentive and watch my kids like a hawk even more so now than before. But, it is a hard way to go through your days, quite honestly...I need to find a way to turn my radar down, just a smidge so that I don't continue to feel depressed and scared about the world we live in."

(Note, CrazyMomCat's son ran off at the beach and was missing for an eternity 30 minutes before she found him. More here.)


  1. I love (and totally get) that the moms would like to take the radar down a notch or two but can't.

  2. I know it's just a skill that we've gained or a muscle that we never had to use before and now overwork, but it's fun to think of it as a superpower.

    I can just imagine the internalizing: "can't take the radar will [insert awful thing here] and I'll never see them again..."


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