Thursday, February 07, 2008

6 of ms. nylon's quirky-quirknessess

Dear Kelly O tagged me with this meme, so I will take this opportunity to explore some perhaps unmentioned weirdnesses.

1. I carefully scutinize people's shapes all the time and believe that I can guess what primary childhood (to adult) activity shaped them that way. For example, a swimmer vs. a runner, etc. has a different build based on the muscles they've developed most.

2. I can wiggle my ears.

3. Stories like O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi" where a great deal of effort amounts to nothing but emptiness/loss but are somehow ultimately supposed to be uplifting really piss me off.

4. (Changing this one, sorry) I'm exceptionally good at getting through crowds; I'm small, light on my feet, spot openings and don't hesitate. This upsets family & friends trying to follow me in airports, for example, so I really only exercise this skill well when alone.

5. I feel strange/self-conscious when I wear light-colored clothing, pastels, or gold; like I'm wearing a costume or am breaking rules.

6. If you have an accent, after a while of talking with you, I will begin to pick it up semi-consiously. I don't decide to mimic, but once I'm aware that I'm doing it I consider it an effort to help you understand my speech and don't stop.

I tag:
unfit mother
on the curb
up from sloth


  1. Wow. 3-6 are so ME! The accent thing always makes me giggle at myself too, but I just cannot help it. If I ever moved to a southern state, I would be drawlin' in a heartbeat.

  2. heehee. i'm imagining what you think of my shape (hint: had two babies and went on steroids) ;-)

    in other news, the accent thing is fun. i'll use my new yawk accent next time and see what ensues ;-

  3. Love your meme and totally relate to #4.

  4. I'm a quick little squirt too, so I totally get #4.

    Love your jewelry, by the way.

    And thanks for the add to your blogroll! I'll do the same.


  5. I'm with you on number 6, though when I catch myself, I feel like a bit of a dork. I used to work in a hotel in San Francisco, and we often had British guests staying. After talking to them all morning, I'd go out for a walk at lunch, and if a tourist asked me a question, the next thing they'd say would be, "Oh, are you from England?" HA!

  6. Fortunately for you, I didn't hear that you'd picked up my mumbly mumbler accent when we spoke. ;-)

    I'm not big on pastels either. Whereas you feel like you're wearing a costume, I feel like my mom has dressed me for Easter.

    Thanks for tagging me.

  7. DOH! Ok, I'll get to it. Sorry to take so long.

    You be quirky.

    speaking of quirky, I STILL can't sign in as UFM when I comment.


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