Sunday, February 24, 2008

French fries @ the bowling alley

More Strings multimedia today than in months!

Thea O, Rosie, & Dash all enjoy bowling-alley french fries (oh so deliciously crunchy) while AJS & Todd O bowl in the background. Kelly O was minding Liam while the staff took forever to pour our pitcher. We got lots of bowling in! The kids really did most of it while I had some practice aiming at their dead balls in the middle of the lanes. Fun Times!

We all hearted the little-red-haired girl who gave the toy she won in the claw game to Liam. When Thea got upset, little-red-haired girl actually went to her car to get another toy to give Thea. What a peach!

Here's a video AJS took of me helping Dash bowl. You can see my slightly disappointed look when Dash didn't follow my over-enthusiastic directions, then watch Dash nonchalantly head straight back to the fries:

More pics below:


  1. looks like we missed big fun! glad everyone had a blast. sunday a.m.'s are just pretty tough around here in havoc land.

    i need a break from this sunday, f'rinstance.

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