Friday, February 01, 2008

OMG, that thing's HUGE!!!

AJS realized a dream this week.

His dream was to have a projector TV in our rec room.

I understood the concept, but really only had the vaguest visual impressions of what he was talking about. I think I was imagining that it would kind of send out a wide-screen image, like on a flat-screen TV, you know? The screens on those types are, oh, I don't know, 3 feet by 6 feet? Big, right?

Not like this, oh no. We are talking about building a screen for the projector that is...

wait for it...


I'm only 62 inches tall!! This projector sends an image out that is as tall as me and almost twice as wide! We have a movie theatre in our basement.


Here is a shot of Mulan II playing on the projector. I've marked-in the tape-corners on the wall showing the final dimensions that AJS wants for the screen.  And for scale, our ceiling is about 7.5 feet high. Yow.

What to do with our old television? The Sony Wega Trinitron? Maybe there's space in our bedroom... After 15-plus years of only having one TV in our household, we now have two.


  1. I have a small TV in my LR so maybe you could give it to me for when the grandkids come here;-) just a suggestion...

    TV in the bedroom is bad when one of you wants to watch it and the other one wants to sleep. It is not conducive to sleeping. You should only do two things in the BR. Maybe you could put it in your LR. It is too big for the kitchen.

  2. MLK had his dream. I guess AJS is entitled to one, too ;-)


  3. Wow, that thing really is HUGE. I can't wait to see it in action! (And I'm very sorry for the Google traffic that comment is going to bring you.)

  4. Do you project on the wall, or did you build a screen for it? Very groovy. :)

  5. The screen's almost built. I finished putting it together today & will mount it as soon as AJS is finished watching Return of the Jedi. "You can't interrupt in the middle!" Sigh.


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