Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Commuting via DC public transit

Some of you have expressed envy that I'm able to use public transit to get to work in my area, and while I am glad it is an option, it's no walk in the park. With the rate hike on WMATA, metro fees have gone up $2 per day, so they have exceeded the cost of fuel for me to make the same trip. My company will only reimburse 12 days worth, at this cost, so I'll be alternating driving and taking transit.

A slice of Ms. Nylon's transit life: To get to my workplace, AJS drops me off superearly at a Metro Station where I first board a blue line train (20 mins), then I transfer to a orange train (20 mins). I exit the station, then board a bus to get to my office (15 mins), then walk 1/4 mile to my building. Reverse it for the afternoon, except because of afternoon traffic, I have to make one extra transfer to the Yellow line. So, it's all at least an hour, more if I miss a connection. Much of it is underground, so I can't really spend my time on the internet from my phone, unfortunately.

Why don't I just drive? Well, there's the awful traffic for one. While on some days, it's taken me 25 minutes (like on a federal holiday or a weekend) on other days, backups & slowdowns made it a 1.5 hour trip driving. Also, I have the eye trouble on sunny days, and g0d forbid, if I leave 15 minutes or more after 4:30, I won't get to daycare before it closes.

So, how am I doing on the telework proposal? I'll get back to you soon.


  1. today in the Post there is talk of having some of the blueline trains not go to Rosslyn


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