Sunday, February 17, 2008

Strings leftover list

AJS cooks so often that some great meals
get forgotten in the back of the fridge.
So I bought a magnetic dry-erase board
to help keep track of what can get packed
in lunches or be heated up quickly at
dinner time. A friend who was over
yesterday read our list:

Hummus & falafel
Beef short ribs
Venison steak
Green tomatillo posole
Fish cake w/udon & tofu
Cassoulet (white bean & sausage)
Pulled pork barbeque
Chili mac

And she remarked, "This is about the
only place on earth where you'd find
these items together in one fridge!"

Yeah. Probably right!

What's in your fridge?


  1. uhm...

    leftover meatloaf.
    chicken breasts.
    million year old carrots.
    lots of yogurt.
    mango chutney.
    havarti cheese.

  2. Hmm. The leftovers in my refrigerator include:

    moldy vegan cheese
    carcass of a roasted chicken
    several jars of open and forgotten salsa

    The kids and I finished off the ribs and wings on Sunday. It was a sad day, when the kids discovered the delicious goodness of AJS's ribs. Now I'll have to share.


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