Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Working the hand-made!

The Capitol Region Etsy Street Team (CREST) is an Etsy community that I recently joined to support my re-entry into the hand-made world. I'm feeling them out, seeing how I might fit in. They just entered a large group of members into the Savage Snowdrop Craft Fair this past weekend and had a wildly successful time! I had other plans that day (I hosted a wild book club party/movie night). This photo of the craft fair above was taken by Goddess Findings, a CREST member. I also added an Etsy mini from the CREST shop displayed below my shop's mini, go look!

Despite having another event on my calendar this past Saturday, I was otherwise reluctant to join in the fair because it's literally been ten years since I sold/displayed my work at an event. I'm really not prepared with any presentation ideas; my Etsy shop and Internet options are more my speed at the moment. I've got two kids 5&under and a full-time job already!

On the EtsyCREST blog (http://etsycrest.blogspot.com) I am scheduled to be profiled at the end of March; hopefully I'll be able to pull something together by then! I need to write a blurb about my work, take pics of my work space (does dragging my stack of beadboxes in front of the TV count?), and highlight a favorite item or two. March isn't that far off!

At the moment, I'm working on two pieces inspired by the minds behind Wrekehavoc.com and Greeblemonkey.com. Wreke has asked me to make a chunky purple necklace, which is stretching me a little bit, as I tend to prefer delicate items (I have planned it out and think it will be sexy!). Greeblemonkey sold me a beautiful nature photo, a detail of a gorgeous yellow and red flower. I am creating a bracelet based on this flower, again pushing me out of my normal range, because honestly, I didn't even really have many yellow and red beads in my collection! I have a handful of red (gift of Auntie M.), a few light yellow (gift of Stacy M.), and a stash of bright yellow seed beads that I acquired from a coworker's wife and had to dig out of a drawer in Dash's room. Time to go shopping; so far the bracelet is coming along nicely, but is very fussy to build.

Seems like when I'm picking out supplies without a specific project in mind I will choose silver, clear, green (I have soooo many green beads), and black, and am also attracted to semiprecious stones. It really takes external influence to get me to look beyond my usual territory. Inspiration really does get me working though!

Thanks, ladies, for throwing ideas my way and supporting my work. Kudos to PhilFree, Kelly O, and The Bughouse for being great pals and your regular support & inspiration of my crafting side!

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  1. Both those requested items sound like they will be gorgeous. I love what you have made already and have it on my list of things to peruse when I have money to spend on myself again...say 2009? :-)


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