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Freedom to Marry Week day 1: Plotting it.

Marriage Equality Plot
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Kelly O of O for Obsessive and Heather of The Bughouse brought Freedom to Marry Week to my attention so, this week look forward to some posts about marriage equality.

On "Daddy, Poppa, and Me"'s blog, DP&M summarizes this chart more eloquently that I could, so I will quote from his entry:

"The upper line is civil unions, the lower line is full marriage equality. Nations are indicated when they passed either CU or marriage equality (nations in color eventually went from CU to full equality). U.S. states are indicated by italics.

Good News: The march of equality went from 8/100ths of 1 percent of the world having some sort of marriage equality in 1989 (coincidently the year communism fell) to over 8% today.

Bad News: 92% of the world isn't at full equality for their GLBT citizens yet and in more than 30% of the world just being gay is punishable by a severe penalty from years in jail to death.

Also, generally, the more democratic and free a society, the more equal and safe it's GLBT citizens (though there are exceptions). Europe and the Americas.. Asia... sub-Saharan Africa, N.Africa/MiddleEast/Indian subcontinent. That list is a rough (very rough) line from democratic and free to dictatorial and repressive (India being an exception, also S. Africa.. there are others.. I said it was rough)... it is also the line from GLBT equality to the death penalty for GLBT citizens.

But, as the plot shows, the march of equality is progressing."

If I was feeling lazy, I could just quote from his blog all week, but instead, I'll post his link here and you can go see what he's writing:

Daddy, Poppa & me

More tomorrow!

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