Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Visit with Bookhart

Hey everyone! This afternoon, I hung out with a lovely blogging mom, Bookhart, from Austin who happened to be in DC for a conference today. We spent a fun hour+ in Dupont circle, made a driving tour through Adams Morgan, then did a little shopping at Secondi, Teaism, and Ginza. It really felt like playing hooky, despite that I had gone in early and already put my 8 hrs in by the time we met.

The pic above is my souvenir from our outing, as I was too wowed by Bookhart's darling personality and charm to get out my cameraphone. These little origami sheets want to be made into earrings! They are calling me. Look for them in my etsy shop soon, like within the next two weeks.

Thanks for meeting up with me, Bookhart! I will totally look you and your beautiful family up next time I'm in the Austin vicinity. And please, check in with us if you head back this way.

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