Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dance class recital 2 months away...

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It's been awhile since I blogged about the jazz class I'm taking, mostly because it's been more of the same stretching, learning a monthly dance combination, listening to the teenagers say goofy stuff, etc. Not very interesting, since you've already read it here.

But it is starting to get exciting now. Two weeks ago, we began learning the choreography for our June recital. I've purchased the costume and saw a photo of it (burgundy top, black pants, gold accent). I put in my 2¢ with the teacher, requesting some dance club music (instead of the Hanna Montana/High School Musical stuff that's usually played), and got a mild glare from Mrs. H, the instructor. I was educated that she has a theme for the recitals, with this year's being "Dance Quotations." Each class gets music appropriate to that theme. It's all very complex and she doesn't appreciate getting input from the masses.

Even so, I'm at a loss as to how "You Are the Music in Me" by Vanessa Hudgins (a remix) fits the theme, but hey, that's her job not mine. And by a quick search on You Tube, I learn that it indeed is a High School Musical song. Woo.

Anyway, because I'm a geek and have a bad memory for the choreography, I created a spreadsheet that breaks down the dance moves by counts of eight. Hey, don't knock it!!! This is going to seriously help me! I also learned last week that while the instructor writes down the choreography, she doesn't plan ahead: she does it WHILE WE'RE RIGHT THERE, is inspired by the previous moves/the music/stuff we've done in earlier classes and scrawls it down on her legal pad in shorthand. With other ballet/tap/modern/jazz classes all day, all week, she depends on the individual students to remember the dances. Sometimes the shorthand fails her and we have to reinvent a section.

Wish me luck! The class is tonight and I have my spreadsheet.


  1. Oh, I shall read and live vicariously through you (love the spreadsheet thing, I would totally do that too!) I danced throughout my youth and intend to take lessons again when life with Sportsboy slows down a bit. Good luck with the recital!

  2. Yay! Dance recital time. Hey, how much would I have to pay you (in cookies or brownies, of course) to get a small clip of recital you on the internet? Sounds like a fabulous idea to me. :-)

  3. The music sounds dreadful. I thought all dance was in counts of 8.

    Of course the teens probably love the music.

  4. Awesome! Can your friends come to this one?

  5. I meant don't knock the spreadsheet; not necesarily how I set it up. I think the breakdown will be a great tool!

    And yes! Friends can come to this one. June 14th at George Mason University, I think. Rosie and I both will be performing.

  6. oh girl, BC could have told you it's from HSM. shoot, i have actually karaoked that song in my family room...er. TMI. i know.

    seriously, i know you'll be great!

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