Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Home-milled flour

I posted a while back about buying whole wheat berries and have been meaning to follow up. We did mill the flour and bake bread with it and have photos to prove it. They follow, for your enjoyment. Firstly, I wanted to mention a few reasons why we went to all this trouble:
  • whole wheat lasts a for years without going stale or rancid.
  • commercial milling removes nearly 30% of the the most nutritious parts of the whole grain.
  • within 72 hours, whole grain flour has lost over 80% of vitamins.
  • people claim that foods made with freshly ground wheat have amazing health benefits, like curing hypoglycemia, constipation, and even warts! I'll get back to you on that.
For bread recipes using freshly ground wheat, go here or here. Overall, you can use it pretty much like regular flour, depending on how fine/course it's ground. Here are our results:

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