Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gasoline the powerful wallet killer

Just found this tool on Mapquest.com (there may be others like it); type in your zipcode and it will tell you how close the cheapest gas stations are.

While the price of local premium gas just topped four dollars a gallon (yesterday?), the price of a local bagel just broke a buck.

Believe me, I'm still in denial about all of these price hikes and how they are affecting our budget. It does mean that the price of driving to work is getting edged out by Metro. That wasn't the case when I blogged about it over two months ago.

I must finish my telework proposal!

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  1. apparently, if i drive out to NY Ave, i can get some cheap gas. hmm... lemme see how far that is, adding traffic and insanity to my equation...

    i am so asking santa for a bike next year for christmas.


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