Saturday, April 26, 2008

The morning constitutional

IT IS SOOOOO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE!!! The birds are singing, the air is warm and soft, and it's too early in the season for the nasty bugs.

This is the view from my front door:

There were a few gentle bumble-bees floating around the blossoms on our azelea bushes. I haven't spotted any of the more aggressive wasps and mosquitos that make trips outside a hazard as summer approaches.

Why am I inside blogging? No good reason at all. I convinced AJS to take our bikes out this morning, since I just threw down some $$ to get his fixed and get Rosie the trail-a-bike. It was our first family bike-out together in, maybe two years? I thought it was fabulous!! However, AJS had a health issue about 25 minutes into it and we had to speed home. Note to self: make that guy a doctor's appointment.

Rosie and I continued on for a while longer and she was pedaling!!! "Pedaling's fun, Mom!" Yay!

This morning was the community yard sale starting at 9 a.m. I put my cash aside to bring along in case something looked good, but my adorable fish-shaped change purse went missing right before we left the house (I blame my pack-rat stashing kids). As it got closer to 9:30, the roads in the hood got clogged with car-driving bargain-shoppers and it was too hazardous to be on the somewhat-wobbly tandem with my novice passenger. We're back inside for a little while.

And a treat for all of you who joined me at the online happy hour last night (a pic of the rib rack AJS grilled):


  1. Oh man. Those ribs look soooooo good.

    How do you not weigh a gazillion pounds with a cook like that in your house?

  2. Ribs are lookin' good!

    Don't forget about the calling the doctor. Hope AJS is better.

  3. OTC, I'm addressing the gazillion pounds in my post from a few days ago (I have a hilarious anon comment there, BTW). IT IS HARD. I try to convince him that it's a creative challenge to make low-fat meals for me. ;-)

    Grandy, thanks! And yes, TMI, AJS needs to get his bum fixed. The bike seat was not kind. We've been avoiding a "procedure" for going on 5 years? I need to make that call (cuz he'll never do it himself).

  4. Mmm... azaleas. LOVE.

    A loves those trail-a-bikes too. We can go a lot farther without her getting so tired.


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