Thursday, April 10, 2008

You look like a princess!

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Our boy is already workin' it with the ladies. If he keeps this up, we are in sooo much trouble.

When Rosie came out of her room after changing into her favorite-est pyjamas last night, Dash announced:

"Rosie! You Look Like A PRINCESS!!" over and over again until all she could do was cover him with hugs and kisses. Who could ever be immune to that?

His teachers at daycare (all women) tell us that when they ask him to complete a chore, such as cleaning up, he'll come back with:

"Ms. Kandace, I have a hug and kiss for you!" and tries to get out of it by using his wiles. He's got them all under his 2 and a half.

Sometimes, he can be so brightly enthusiastic and encouraging, he's almost a caricature, singing out during our plodding morning commute:

"Come on, cars! You Can Do It!"

Some other hilarious catch phrases that you can hear from Dash regularly, that just sound bizarre coming from such a small person are:

"Leave that to me!"
"Just THINK about it!"
"What's all this about?"

I won't even get started on how he's quoting Star Wars and Lord of the Rings these days. It's just disturbing to hear a little guy with a light-up key fob wheeze out, "my precioussssss."


  1. heehee. i love dat guy.

  2. Don't forget, "C'mon, dude! Get out of Daddy's way!"

    The Dude abides.


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