Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just Rosie and me

Plastic beads
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Rosie and I went out for our first ride on the trail-a-bike this past weekend. I think she really enjoyed it, despite the regular fear of falling off and being too wobbly. She needs some more experience with pedaling and balancing on the bike, so it'll be a great training tool. We were out for just a short while as she was only getting used to it; I kept encouraging her to pedal, but I think she was worried that if she moved her legs, she'd fall off. We need to try it a few more times to gain her confidence!

My favorite neighbor, Gretchen, gave Rosie a bead kit that her daughter wasn't interested in. Rosie, however, LOVES IT!!! She made two necklaces almost by herself, amazing girl that she is! It came with a variety of plastic beads in different colors and sizes and not much else. The directions went something like, "string your beads, attach the clasp, and you're done!" Um, there is a little bit more to it, TYVM. Good thing that I have better equipment and know how to finish the jewelry, or this kit would have gone in the dead project bin.

While Dash took a marathon 3 hr nap Sunday, Rosie begged me to let her make a necklace. She picked out her beads, started a pattern (I helped maintain the pattern), and then strung 90% of them on her own! I was very impressed with her patience. There were a few times that she complained about her back hurting or being tired of the process, so I only suggested that she lie down for a few minutes and come back to it. Once she finished her necklace, I added the clasp and we were done.

One of her classmates at school, Taylor, loved it so much that she asked Rosie to make one for her. Guess what we did last night?

UPDATE: We went for a ride last night and the wheel on Rosie's bike LOCKED UP. Refused to spin, pedals unmoving. I couldn't get it to budge & had to drag the bike 1/2-mile back home. Not fun. Will be taking the trail-a-bike back to the bike shop to see what happened. There were metal shavings around the rear gears, so I'm thinking the shop didn't properly lube it before the sale?


  1. there was a time in my life where I enjoyed going to thrift stores and flea markets to buy old necklaces

    I would break up the necklaces and build my own necklaces

    it was a short live hobby that gave me great pleasure

    then the bead stores popped up

    I would get overwhelmed by the choices
    then scared away by the prices

    I like the flea market/thrift store route

    you can find some real "gems" that way

  2. Gwadzilla, beading is my favorite hobby and I'm glad Rosie is taking an interest! At the same time, I do want to get her outside and riding the bike with me.

    I guess there's a time and place for all these things. Bikes: before dinner; Beads: after dinner. Or something like that. More than anything else, I'm glad that Rosie is growing up to be someone that I can share activites with. She's such a sweet little person!


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