Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy hour poll for you

No happy hour today!
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Here's a quiz:

If your coworker invites you to enjoy free beer and excellent food out on her deck on a fabulously beautiful Friday evening (and gives you at least a week of advance notice), do you:

A) say "HELL YEAH" and show up early.

B) avoid her and mutter a sad excuse when confronted.

C) tell her to her face that you have plans to weed your yard instead.

D) say you're coming and then back out at the last minute.

Consider your choice. I like to think that the Strings are generous hosts and AJS is a sensational cook.

I'll give you a hint. Nobody chose A. I've been working with this particular group of coworkers since October and I don't think they'll be getting any more invitations.

I am rising above, with thoughts of my wonderful friends who will come by for a party at the drop of a hat. I heart all of you!


  1. If I choose A, can I come over? :-) I could sure use a happy hour on a deck! Stupid co-workers!!

  2. I pick A!

    Eh, whatevs, they don't know what they're missing. The reason we come to your parties at the drop of a hat is because they're AWESOME.

  3. Come on over! For my commenting pals outside the dc metro area, just set your teleporter's dial for FFE*W432 and you should land within 2 grlghclicks of our deck. See you @7!

  4. THANK YOU, Kelly!! Um, btw how many of you have teleporters? (Crossing fingers that it's less than 5...) :-P

  5. Wishing I could be there for happy hour. Rats. and double rats.

  6. All fools to pass on your company and superb eats and drinks. ::entering coordinates in my teleporter::

    Hey, Kelly's drinking on the roof. I noticed her as I was teleporting my busty self across town. ;-)

  7. Thanks all for coming to my virtual happy hour! I hope you all enjoyed the large selections of beers, three varieties of Carlo Rossi, 2 types of grilled chicken wings (hot & crispy), 2 pizzas (veggie & pepperoni), and the fabulous rack of ribs. Kelly & Todd, we have a gift bag for you!!

    Dee, glad your teleporter's functioning! We should do this again soon. :-*

  8. OMG! I was sitting here chanting A - A - A!! WTF is wrong with people??

  9. damn. i missed it.

    and AJS is a FABULOUS cook. i will shout that from the rooftops.


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