Thursday, April 10, 2008

I got AJS talking about bikes...

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From's Morning Roundup yesterday, AJS (a.k.a. monkeyrotica) is geeking out about the Pope's visit:

"Man, I really hope the Pope rides his pimped out pennyfarthing when he comes to town, all covered in jewels and s**t. Even got a horn what beeps "Ave Maria" and "La Cucaracha." If some creep jacks the pontiff's ride, you can bet the DC cops will be all over that joint like brown on dookie. But I bet Benny don't give a fat rat's fart about tailpipe emissions and carbon footprints. All he care about is not gettin mud on his dress.

If Jeebus was around today, you can bet he'd ride a unicycle and smoke hemp and be talkin bout LOVE with a capital "F." Now that's the kinda blackeyed pea-eatin, strychnine drinkin religion that I can get behind. So long as they pay taxes and don't marry off 14-year-olds to geriatrics."

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