Saturday, November 08, 2008

Milestone celebrations: cancer-free

Monkeyrotica's nephew is five years cancer free.

It feels so good to say that! I'm so glad we're here. We were all so devastated by the diagnosis (stomach cancer) and how the chemo almost wiped him out. It's been a rough ride for his sister that I wouldn't have wished on any single mom.

His entire family came over to our place this afternoon just to commemorate the occasion and show how happy we are that Alex is still with us, causing trouble. My mother-in-law presided over three huge sushi platters, we toasted Alex over hot sake, and really enjoyed a wonderful meal (including some of Mr. Monkey's smoked ribs & chicken wings).

All ate with the kind of gusto you can only have when stomach cancer isn't wracking your life.

Cheers to Alex! Dude, don't scare us like that again, Ever. Stay happy & healthy.

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