Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Six year checkup

Rosie had her six year checkup today, which
went very smoothly. She answered all the
doctor's questions herself (he directed them
all at her, with his back to me--OMG, she's
practically a tween!), with the exception of a
few when she needed my feedback. We talked
about chores and allowances withe helpful
answers; he highly recommends chores and
NOT tying allowances or cash reimbursement
to chores whatsoever. Children should
contribute to their household out of a sense
of belonging, not an expectation of payment,
like they're the help. I do agree with that

Her basic specs, for those of you keeping track:
Height: 45.5 ins, 70th percentile
Weight: 50 lbs, 75th percentile
Vision: 20/25 (with my new contacts acquired
yesterday, I could read for two lines below
where she stopped)
Hearing: perfect (although very tiny bees could
live comfortably in that waxy hive)

He advised that I make a separate appointment
to discuss some of the behavior issues that
have arisen since Rosie started Kindergarten.
Since our time had run short and her very
distracting, noisy and boisterous brother was
there, it would be better to have a thorough
chat at a quieter time.


  1. Rosie looks so adorable here. :)

  2. I agree with Kelly. She is too cute. Is she wearing a princess skirt?

    Glad to hear a doctor agrees on the no dough for chores bit. Gav acts like he's working in a sweatshop by having to take out the trash and recycling a few times per week.

  3. (crossed fingers) We've been doing better ourselves on the behavior reports since last time. One blow up from a bossy girl in his class telling him "color within the lines, be quiet, etc etc". Ah well, we're all works in progress. Glad the Rosie health report is rosie- the rest will come with oodles of effort and time.

  4. Thanks, Kelly! She's a little apprehensive here, as the nurse is preparing her for her hearing test.

    OTC, it's only a princess skirt in that a Princess is wearing it :-), but it does have silver sequins. My sister bought it for Rosie.

    Hi Thomas! I feel for Jim, having to stand up to bossy classmates. He's learning some life-skills: how to ignore irritating people. If he can master this in Kindergarten, he'll go far.


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