Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dancing in my fabulous dress!

I loved, loved, LOVED dancing with Monkeyrotica and other dear friends at Karen & Bryce's wedding. Mark Zimin DJ'ed, and I just had the best time ever, dancing to Mousetrap music. I'm wearing the dress that Monkey bought me for our wedding anniversary last month. Isn't it gorgeous?

Oh, heck, I was just beside myself at how awesome it was to be out in downtown DC, in the evening, dining and dancing with my beloved peeps. Monkey had to drag me out of there; I wanted to dance all night.


  1. You look gorgeous, A!!! What a great night!

  2. You look amazing.

    Sadly, I no longer have the tits to carry off a dress like that. Kudos to your rockin' rack. ;-)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I felt gorgeous & fantastic. OTC, just between you and me, I barely have enough of a rockin' rack to fill that dress. What you see is a bit of an illusion.


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