Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dash's first dentist visit!

Dash and I went to Dr. Reardon's office for his very first dental checkup ever. He's getting so big! And has 8 teeth! Dash spent the appointment serenely sitting in the dental exam chair, Buddha-like, but with complete disregard for the hygeinist's cajoling.

Hygeinist: "Dash, my name is Paige! Can we see how many teeth you have?" No reaction.

Me: "Check-mouth, sweetie! C'mon, we practiced this all last night. You know what to do!" No reaction, no anger, no worries, just staring past me.

At the construction crew working across the street, we learned. I asked, "Buddy, whatever are you looking at?" "Two men," Dash deadpanned.

Thinking ahead, I had brought props! I had Dora's and Michael's (little people) "visit to the dentist" books, I had a chopstick (our home-verision of the dental explorer), and I had his doll, Boo, from Monsters Inc.

When Boo arose with one hand outstreched and said (in my best approximation of Mary Gibbs' voice), "Dash, lemme see your teeth!" Dash opened right up! He let Boo count his teeth, but still, no cleaning allowed.

Dr. Reardon arrived with a pillow and we lowered Dash back onto it, so she could try to get better results in the exam. He did very well with this part and no cavities were discovered. Whew! His next appointment is scheduled for January.

On the way out, I played that Boo was thrilled for Dash. She said a line from Monsters Inc, "Dabba-da! Kitty!" and like the "Breakin' the Law" with AJS, I got the "More dabba-da, Mommee!" treatment.

You got it, cutie. "Dabba-da!"

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