Saturday, August 25, 2007

Role reversal

Hello from the beach! I'm back in Rehoboth with the kids, my dad and sister (Auntie M.). Rosie didn't nap during the drive at all, so I got to hear a lot of "are we there yet? no. are we there yet? no." (thank you, Shrek 2) from the backseat. Rosie showed unusual interest in the beach itself along the way, which is strange because she normally avoids water, and when we finally hit the sand, actually had a fantastic time in the water! She was dragging us in, shrieking and jumping, yelling, again! again! more! She really was disappointed when it was time to go.

Dash, who is normally my water-lover, screamed no mommy no! from the instant he set eyes on his swim trunks (on the beach, yes I changed my son in front of all the beachgoers; is that a faux pas?). He made the sandcastles today and didn't set foot in the ocean. Wierd, but I guess it's all developmental stages. He was upset when we left, too, but more because he wanted to continue amassing seashells for his new collection.

I'll be here all week! I'm sending from my phone (a Sidekick).


  1. Wow, that is blog dedication, I didn't even know you could send from phones!

    It sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Can you believe it'll be too cold for swimming soon?

  2. I vaguely recall you telling Rosie that she needed to collect seashells to make a bracelet for grandma or some such thing.

    Perhaps she has subcontracted that function to Dash and is making splashing her primary action item.


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