Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scandalizing the governor

After a long, sunny, sandy day on the beach, we dragged ourselves back to our beach house, which coincidentally, is right next door to the former governor of Delaware. Since we were all covered with sand (and gravel for me, wiped out 2X playing in the breakers), I took advantage of the outdoor shower to rinse off before going inside. Both kids were freaked out by the shower jets, but Dash started to calm down once I picked him up and rinsed him off while holding him. I handed him off to Auntie M. and then decided to take off my suit while I rinsed Rosie so I could carry her in and not waste time rinsing separately. Rosie screamed bloody murder. The entire time. I was just reaching for her towel when the governor peeked around to see what the commotion was (and he's quite deaf, so she was LOUD) and caught me and Rosie in the nude. Yeep! He only said, "one little girl is creating all that noise?" and quickly disappeared after assessing the situation.


  1. HA HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Let's stalk the governor tomorrow night. I want to flash him, too.

  2. heeheehee!

    put perhaps it was the first man of delaware and not the gov? the del gov, you see, is a she :-)


  3. oh, doh. FORMER gov. nevermind :-)

    reading. is. fundamental.


  4. A follow-up to the story; the next day the "governor" ('72-'77 BTW) suggested that we take as many fresh figs from his fig tree that we wanted. Without making eye contact I might add. When I told our friend Susan, she had a good chuckle about the "fig leaf" connotations! HA!!

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