Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm blaming the Froot Loops

The kids were stalling at bedtime until 9:45 p.m.! (completely unheard of!) and still seemed to have plenty of energy. I think it was the SUGAR from the treat I gave them for dessert:


The stalling cascaded into other delays for me: the kids and I are leaving on a trip early Saturday morning, so I want to have all the packing done by Friday night.

After I finished the dishes, it was 10:30. When I finished (most of) the laundry for the trip, it was after midnight. I set a load of whites to wash on hot, and went to bed.

Then, Dash woke up: he couldn't find his water cup (it was under his stuffed owl). Then he woke up again: he wanted milk. Then he woke up again: he wanted more milk. It occurred to me after the third time that maaaaaybe it was something else. His bedroom is right over the laundry room, so I asked him if the washer and the water pipes were too noisy.

"Djeeaah!" was the affirmative. Off went the washing machine, and me to bed at, I don't know? 1:30 a.m.? 2? I got up at 5:45 for work.

The previous three nights I've been up till midnight trying to finish a newsletter before our trip and I was really hoping to get some sleep last night. Here's my plea to the universe: please let me get some solid sleep tonight so I can be completely awake for the 3-hour drive to Delaware tomorrow!!!

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I still say the Froot Loops started it. Or maybe my logic is impaired by sleep deprivation?

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  1. I find that a big pile of sugar is the best bedtime snack for our kids! Then I spend the next 2 hours pissing and moaning that they won't go to bed. Go Figure!


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