Friday, August 03, 2007

Past weirdnesses

Andrea commented on my weirdness blog entry from a few days ago and reminded me of the odd way in which we met. It was maybe 1996 or 1997, soon after AJS and I had moved from Capitol Hill to Mount Pleasant, when our friend Mel told us we should really meet the fabulous person who'd moved into our old apartment! She was so interesting and had the cutest dog, named Zeke!

We met at Polly's Cafe on U Street and had a great conversation, when I found out that she worked for the Smithsonian. Which part, I asked? NMAI, she answered. Oh, I said, NMAI just moved into the office space that I used to work in. Where's your office?

In the spirit of weirdness, if you haven't guessed already, of course she was working in my old office as well as living in my old apartment. A year or two later, we bought a house a few blocks from Polly's. At the housewarming, the delightful and always entertaining Andrea looked around a bit, then quipped, "I think I'll like it here!"

At that same party, I'd invited a few of some new friends that I'd made recently, including Kelly and her sister Heather. Kelly discovered that she and Andrea had both gone to the same University in Phoenix, and the connections continued...


  1. Hey Doll:

    Can you believe it! I haven't thought about that for years.

    If you recall, not only was it the same office space, it was also the actual office as well. Hee hee.

    I tell ya, all of our universes are super close.

  2. Isn't that the weirdest thing? Weird, and cool!


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