Monday, August 06, 2007


I'm having one of those mornings when everything makes me angry. My coworkers must sense this, so they're steering clear of me. I am seething with anger that they haven't greeted me with a "hello" or have made attempts to chat with me.

But I'm the one with the headphones on, ignoring them.

My headphones are on because someone was using their speakerphone early this morning and this enraged me.

Nobody's winning here. Hopefully I'll break out of this after lunch or at least by tomorrow.


  1. Oooooh, ooooooh! You REALLY need to sing out loud while you're listening to the headphones! Something with pretty lyrics like Mexican rap or death metal. Or James Brown.

    I'll take speakerphone people over Rush-Limbaugh-buried-under-static-radio lady.

  2. I hear you. Sometimes I want to strangle my co-workers. There's one who eats tomatoes for breakfast in the grossest manner possible -- I hear her slurp from across the room -- and clears her throat not in an "ahem" way but in a "ghghghghgssshshshshccc" way. I loathe her. She always puts me in the foulest mood.

  3. What about Irritating Cell Phone Left at a Desk That Rings Constantly Lady? Or Bic Pen Clicker Guy? Or Dude Needs to See a Doctor Because a Healthy Person Shouldn't Be Leaving a Smell Like That in the Bathroom Man?

  4. Ugh, don't remind me of pen-clicky guy. However, I delight in my memory of going into his desk on his day off and removing all the springs from his pens. Heh.

  5. yeah i hate the guy who always plays his music too loud. and its always Unola or Supertramp or something. and he brings his dog to work for crissakes!


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