Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer viruses

Dash was fevered all weekend, into Monday. I stayed with him and took him to the doctor Monday afternoon when he was diagnosed with coxsackie virus. The doctor assured me that Rosie would have antibodies for coxsackie (she's had it a couple of times), and so wouldn't catch it. AJS stayed home with Dash Tuesday and everybody was okay Wednesday.

When I got Rosie up this morning, she was very warm: 101.8 degrees. But, I had committed to baking muffins for a bake sale at work, so I brought them both in to my office. She's here with me right now, eating bake sale cookies! Anyway, she probably has a different, related virus, but not coxsackie.


  1. I feel ya. We had the summer fevers last week. No fun when it's already 90+ degrees outside.

  2. Ugh, poor Strings. At least it's Thursday and not Saturday?

  3. Don't be surprised if she does not have a different type of Coxsackie Virus. There is more than one type. Your daughter sounds a lot like me. It hides in my system and then hammers like a son of a gun. I have been very ill for over three years straight. See my blog. I hope it helps.


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