Thursday, August 23, 2007

They're both going to tower above me!

I just did the numbers on's child height predictor, and based on Rosie's 4-year and Dash's 2-year checkups, their heights at age 18 will be:

Rosie: 5' 4"

Dash: 6' 0"

I'm just slightly under 5' 2". It's hard to imagine my little man at 6 feet, but I look forward to watching it happen.


  1. It's hard to picture Dash being bigger than Rosie, isn't it? Much less his own parents. Wow.

  2. Ha!

    A= 4'11"
    Em= 5'2"

    El was too little to do the calculator, but she'll likely be the tallest at this rate.

    Poor A, she's a little runt. But she'll be a beautiful runt, that's for sure!


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