Monday, October 15, 2007

Commuting trials

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Hey, I'm blogging from Flickr!! Thanx Kelly!

With my impending job relocation, we've been preparing the kids with tales of how I will be dropped off at the train station before they get dropped off at school. We even drove by the station to show them where Mommy will be getting on a train.

Even so, this morning when we arrived, I gave both kids kisses, hugs and said, "Bye! I'm getting on the train now!" Dash was still asking, "Dash go train ride?" Rosie understood better and asked me, "Can we have a little train ride later when we pick you up?" (Answer to both questions: sorry, no.)

But AJS told me that Dash freaked out when I left the car. It was "Wan. Mommee. Train. RIGHT! NOW!" in tearful screams all the way over to daycare.

When this is more routine, I hope he chills out.

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