Wednesday, October 03, 2007

2nd night of dance class!

In case you were wondering, I'm continuing with the dance instruction, despite all the teeny teens who are mostly named Ellie. Last night was class number two, and thank all that's holy, the teacher started a new dance combo, because I couldn't fight my way through the one from the previous class and of course all the other girls knew it because they'd been practicing it for weeks.

So, I'm not only at a disadvantage for not dancing (in a structured setting) for 20 years, I've also come into the class five weeks late. But look, really, I'm not here to learn to be a Dancah! Or perform, I just like the movement. Dancing and moving your body fluidly is just not accepted at all in any other part of an adult's life. Even going to dance clubs downtown these days I feel like I'm too old to be going out there with those early-20-somethings. I try to dance at home and get, "MoooOOooom!" If I tried to dance at work, I'd probably be taken aside for a mental consult. You know what I mean. There's that guy I used to see on the Metro subway platforms, doing little toe-kicks or pirouettes when he was in the mood; I don't want to be him.

BTW, I saw my neighbor picking up his daughter for the class before mine. I said hi, and told him that I was taking the next class (Samantha had already waved at me). He got this Rodney Daingerfield look and said, "Um, hey, can I stay and watch?!?" More next week!


  1. It's only one hour, between 7 and 8 p.m. and the studio is about 3 minutes from my house by car. So, I scarf dinner, head out and am back to get R&D in their beds.

    AJS actually did the dishes that night (as well as made dinner). THANKS, omilove!

  2. Way to go with the dance classes! I've been wanting to start flamenco dance lessons for the past few years, but I always seem to be in some stage of pregnancy or breastfeeding cow phase. That puts a bit of a damper on the fluid movement bit.

    I danced throughout most of my childhood, teen years, and was even on the dance team in college. Now, I, like you, just dance around the house, embarrassing the living hell out of my son.

    How cute will it be if you have a recital performance?! Your kids can operate the camcorder for a change.


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