Saturday, October 20, 2007

Up close and personal with C.P. Huntington

Okay, I'll fess up; C.P.'s not really a person. The Central Pacific Huntington was the miniature train that we rode today at Burke Lake Park. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves and I can only hope it took the edge off of the train jonesing that they've had all week, dropping me off at the Metro station.

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The ride included many nice "trainy" touches: a tunnel, a trestle, a signal station, many twists and turns through the woods and out into open areas, including nice views of the lake. I have no idea what everyone is looking at in the photo with Dash and AJS. It must have been somewhat awe-inspiring, given the look on the face of the guy sitting behind Dash. What do you think? Glinda the Good Fairy descending from the sky, surrounded by bubbles? Maybe God came out from behind a cloud and was waving? I'll never know—I was looking through the camera lens, and AJS was looking at me.

Both Rosie and Dash met the Train Engineer, authentically outfitted in blue and white striped hat and overalls. He was gray-haired and friendly and gave all the kids small bags of candy at the end of the ride.

Next, Rosie and I rode the carousel. Her pony was white and she loved her. Ahh, what a beautiful day! And it was much too short.

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